The Gwyn Matthews’ Rhondda Rollercoaster – 2019 Report & Results

£10 found on the route during the event. If you think it is yours please email the event organiser with the location.

Saturday 11th May presented perfect walking conditions in the Rhondda Valley’s with blue skies, a light breeze and dry conditions underfoot. Gwyn Matthew’s, who developed the Rhondda Rollercoaster Challenge walk, loved to walk in the area and it is in his memory the South Wales Long Distance Walking Group (LDWA) continue the tradition of this visually spectacular Spring walk for LDWA members and non-members alike.

A willing team of volunteers worked before, during and after the event to provide over 200 participants with a challenging experience and an enjoyable day.

Some of our participants experiences and reflections on the day are included below. The overriding message is that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves, would agree that it is a genuine challenge and importantly would participate in the Rollercoaster again. Results are available on the South Wales website: 16 mile event and 26 mile event, also the results are on-line from the LDWA website where they can be downloaded and fed into a spreadsheet to be sorted as you wish.

It is my pleasure, as Challenge Walk Co-ordinator for our South Wales Group, to thank each and everyone of our volunteer group listed below for their time and commitment, their sandwich and soup making skills and cake making prowess. Strong teamwork helped make the day enjoyable for all concerned, event participants and all at HQ and the Checkpoints (CP), the hours passed without a major hitch and with many smiles and laughs along the way.

We won’t mention the car with volunteers, equipment and food that got lost on its way between Gilfach Goch and Llanwonno! All was not lost, our PACER manager at HQ pulled up Google maps, and with street names being read by the car’s passenger, guided the car to its second place of CP volunteering. And in all honesty, the third volunteering place for the driver who had started before 6am in the morning.

Feedback from participants

Thankyou to everyone who gave their time in whatever capacity to support the


Norma Arny Rod Gerry Shirley Hannah John Jamie Simon Judith
Laura Ferne Claire Margaret  Jill  Rob Valmai Manisha Eddy Sara
Sian Hugh Heather Cheryl Alan Jo Andrew Sue Dave Alwyn
Ann Dave M Gill
A special thankyou is extended to Margaret Evans; she normally walks the route but was unable to do so due to injury. Instead she volunteered her services at the Ton Pentre Checkpoint & also roped in her mother & her neighbour who helped her to make sandwiches (including gluten free ones), superb cupcakes, decorated in our South Wales Groups colours, cakes & flapjacks. A massive thankyou to you all for your support, it was unexpected & very much appreciated.   FERNE

Ferne Davies           
South Wales LDWA Challenge Walk Co-ordinator 2019