Rhondda Rollercoaster – 2016 Report & Results


The 2016 Rhondda Rollercoaster, held on 14th May 2016, was the fifth time the South Wales LDWA had hosted the event. It was also the best attended! Entries closed about two weeks before the event when the cut off figure of 280 was reached and a waiting list was created. Thankfully, everyone who wanted to enter did as several people advised the entries secretary in advance of the event that they couldn’t make it. In the end, 240 people set off from Trehafod Hall to take on the challenge that the Rhondda valleys offered.

We were certainly very lucky with the weather this year. It started off as overcast but soon the clouds cleared meaning that it was blue skies and fluffy white clouds which meant that the Rhondda and Ogmore Valleys were seen at their finest.

The 2016 Rhondda Rollercoaster saw a huge entry from people living in the valleys themselves. 75% of entrants were LDWA non-members. Every single non-member was given a membership form which will hopefully encourage people to join the association. It only costs £13 per year and provides a wealth of information on all things connected with long distance walking, particularly about other similar challenge events.

Our checkpoints were put under a bit of pressure due to people not meeting the cut-off times. It did mean that our volunteers had to remain ‘on duty’ for longer than anticipated and hopefully our entrants will ensure that in the future they can meet the challenge within the eleven hours. We may actually create a shorter version for 2017 to encourage some walkers who are not confident in their abilities to walk 26 miles where they will enjoy a shorter yet still as visually scenic walk.

Conversely, even though we started the runners at 9am, they still reached some of our checkpoints too soon. This adds pressure to the checkpoints and marshals, therefore we will be considering a 10am start for runners in 2017.

As with any LDWA event, it can only operate if the members give up their day to marshal the event and as the group challenge walk co-ordinator I am very grateful for the assistance and flexibility of all on the day. The volunteers who either helped on the day or bought food / made cakes in advance are all listed below.

The 2017 Rhondda Rollercoaster is likely to be held on Saturday 13th May.

Our volunteers were:

  • Chris Hume
  • Shirley Hume
  • Judith Fox
  • Dave Williams
  • Rod Hollands
  • Eddie Ball
  • Andrew Clabon
  • Huw James
  • Gwyn Matthews
  • Sue Johns
  • Rob Richardson
  • Jill Richardson
  • Norma Lloyd
  • Huw James
  • Rob Wilkinson
  • Claire Murray
  • Gwyneth Littlejohn
  • Gill Morgan
  • Gerry Jackson
  • Jane Hopcraft
  • Cheryl Llewellyn
  • Jason Winney
  • Phil King
  • John Tinelli
  • Hugh Woodford
  • Heather Holmes
  • Alwyn Nixon
  • Ann Nixon


David Morgan
Challenge Walk Coordinator
South Wales LDWA


The results can be viewed or downloaded.

Video and Photographs by John Pennifold

See photographs on our Facebook page.